Poets In Prison For No Good Reason

It’s unfortunate that the Nyayo House times never came to pass. We think we are free by the fact that the new constitution was adopted! We have to learn to liberate ourselves first since even if we have the best laws on paper, the persons need to have their uncouth ways aligned. God bless the … Continue reading

Letter to you —-Continued

Long strained hollow gazes of someone tired from chasing venery Sad wrinkled faces of the torments, adorned like trophies from the pains of vanity chase, Moving from a prolific status updater of clubs and hangout joints gone, To the now remembrance of how Jesus Christ is the ultimate party rocker. How come you never knew … Continue reading

Free write

Asking a writer what he thinks about criticism is like asking a lamppost what it feels about dogs. John Osborn Literally have become trodden lately. Always running to conceptual thoughts around incidences and prevalence, attack rates and attributable risks, modifiers and confounding, bias and exposures. A long that path have forgotten how it feels listening … Continue reading


A woman dies from complications in childbirth every minute – about 529,000 each year — the vast majority of them in developing countries. That translates to 1450 women per day! UNICEF Sub – Saharan Africa with the highest maternal mortality with a 1 in 16 chance of death due to complication that arises during pregnancy … Continue reading


Women bear the greatest brunt during war and political strife due to the high levels of marginalization and breakdown of the socio-economic structures rendering them vulnerable and prone to exploitation. Sexual assault and exploitation is often used as a tool of war, victimization, alienation and prolonged emotional trauma. It also leads to unplanned pregnancies that … Continue reading

Let’s protect our women

Gender based violence especially violence against women continues to occur across all societal settings irrespective of race, socio- economic status and cultural backgrounds. The erroneous and barbaric stances of VAW are highly prevalent in Kenya and other Middle to low income countries, women have been socialized into acceptance, tolerance and rationalization of such vices hence … Continue reading


Lately, that warm bubbling cup of coffee at 4 a.m in the morning as culminated to be my resurrection. Nowadays I wake up at 4 in the morning partly and largely due to that coffee mug. Then I’ll lose sleep.Nothing much changed about this life.  One random Tuesday, a couple of months ago, I had … Continue reading

Their battles

Someone lost there lives today, word. They really wanted to live, see their boulevard of dreams fulfilled, somehow they didn’t and your here complaining about how your life sucks. Funny how the sun will shine tomorrow or even if it doesn’t, life will go on somehow without you. So you stand there, pocketed, looking down … Continue reading

There stories…

   Today one year ago, I lost a dear friend, brother and life partner to a greasy road accident, in a small pathetic town. Kamureito. For those unfamiliar to it, you have to be between Narok and Bomet to see that small town with a colossal road claiming lives year in year out. It’s like … Continue reading

My lost love..

  The hottest love has the coldest end.                                                                                       Socrates For the past one week, I have been ogling at  her, looking for a last memory to erase.  Her heart is already broken, since she knows am upgrading to a better her but again it feels like I shouldn’t. Sentimental attachment pap! About my love for … Continue reading

I salute them

Its been a while, I can’t even figure out what to say. Easter is over, and with the end of it comes the nostalgia of the holiday. Everything is settled down, the Lake Nakuru park drive is over, same as the Rugby that we never set foot on. Its such days that the silence get … Continue reading

We should be proud,

     Not arrogant and stupid or entitled proud. Just proud enough to walk anywhere with our heads held up high as Kenyans.  See we have a million problems as a nation that is always struggling with, resource equity, high dependency levels due to lack of employment, poverty, diseases, low pay and above all political … Continue reading


This story is about ‘failures.’ Atleast according to their math teacher back in that school where Ugali, meat and sukumawiki was the only mouth watering delicacy that made their weeks bearable as they anxiously looked forward to Saturday’s supper. Four boys, friends from third form after class interchange, members of the G class and eventual … Continue reading